Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Intuition - Your Inner Guide

Developing your intuition means connecting with your higher self – the part of you that is connected to the divine, which is the most awakened, wise and highest aspect of yourself. It is a source of inspiration, guidance and wisdom if you learn how to pay attention to the subtle messages it sends you. Guidance can be subtle – the feeling you have when something just isn’t right, a sense of unease that you feel in your gut, a strong urge to act in a certain way or a powerful resistance to following a particular path. Some people experience recurring dreams with a common underlying theme – this is another way our higher self or intuition communicates with us.

With our busy lives it is very easy to forget all about our intuition and feel disconnected from our higher self. That disconnection however can leave you feeling anxious, stuck, reactive and ungrounded. On the other hand, when connected to your higher self or intuition, you are naturally more receptive, creative and open to new experiences and have a sense of being guided to the right people and opportunities. Life just flows better. And you know when your intuition is spot on because when you speak it out loud, you feel cold tingles or shivers in your body, usually down the spine.

How our intuition communicates with us
To pick up the messages from your intuition or higher self, you have to learn to bypass the conscious mind – in other words you have to stop thinking and analysing and work with your senses instead. These are your psychic senses, also known as the clairs – clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), claircognizance (clear knowing) and clairsentience (clear feeling). There are also less common clair abilities of clairalliance (smelling) and clairgustance (tasting).
Meditation is a good starting point if you want to develop your psychic senses because it teaches you to detach from the mind chatter and calm the mind. After all, if you ignore something, over time it goes away.

When receiving your intuitions through the clairs, you’ll find that you have a natural affinity with one or two more than the others. So how do you know which is your strongest clair?

·        If you are someone who senses the emotions of others, if you feel the physical pain of others when giving healing, if you ‘feel’ when you are being watched or feel someone stood behind you, your strength may be clairsentience. You can walk into a room and feel the atmosphere, especially if there has been an argument of if the space is full of joy. These people are very empathic and often taken on the emotions of others.

·        If you are someone who sees someone in the street who reminds you of someone you know and you then bump into that person or hear from them shortly afterwards, you may be stronger at clairvoyance. These people often enjoy art and visual experiences and can see the finer details of a situation.

·        If you are someone who can just completely download an idea for a book, film or other concept in your head from out of nowhere, you may be claircognizant. Creative people are strong in this area, especially those who do creative writing where ideas just flow through the pen.

·        If you are someone who receives words imprinted on your mind or hears actual words spoken to you that others cannot, giving you information or a warning, you are likely to have the gift of clairaudience or inner hearing. These people often like silence, chanting meditation or just listening to the sounds of nature.

The language you use can also give an indication of which psychic sense is the strongest. Note how often you say “I see what you mean”, “I feel what you’re saying, or “I hear you”.

The more we practice and tune into our intuition, the stronger it becomes. It doesn’t mean you’ll never make a mistake again but you’ll find that you have an inner wisdom that you probably didn’t have before. You’ll also learn from ‘mistakes’ a lot quicker, sensing the best way to put them right and get back on track.
Notes: Helen is running a Developing Intuition workshop on Sat 17th August 2019 at 2pm-4.30pm at City Gate East, Toll House Hill, Nottingham. Please email her at helenshortland@live.co.uk if you would like to book a place. No previous experience necessary, just an openness to have a go!

Helen Shortland is a Reiki Master Healer/Teacher, Holistic Therapist and Spiritual Development Coach currently based at City Gate East, Toll House Hill, Nottingham city centre, NG1 5FS. Helen offers several healing treatments such as Reiki, Spiritual Energy Healing, Angelic Reiki, Faery Reiki, Angel Therapy and Crystal Healing; holistic therapies including Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Foot Massage, Hopi Ear Candles & Facials; as well as Usui Reiki and Faery Reiki training courses and angel card and tarot readings. She has been on the spiritual path for nearly 20 years and has extensive knowledge of healing and the healing journey. For further information about her Reiki courses, therapies and workshops, please visit her website http://helenshortland.com or visit and ‘like’ her Facebook page Helen Shortland Holistics, Healing & Spiritual Development.



  1. Helen this piece is very informative as usual. Yes the senses are there for us to develop our understanding of our true place here. Cheers Julie

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